Cute Hairstyle

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Many of us cherish looking different from day to day. One way you can achieve this is by changing the style of your hair. Using braided hairstyle for long hair is an amazing way to update your look quickly. You can reach that sweet 16 profile you have always wanted by using the following four long braided hairstyles you can change to for a great look from time to time.

Bohemian hairstyle inspiration

Braided Hairstyles

The bohemian style inspiration of the 60s and 70s can be re-enacted with has returned. This long braided hairstyle is catching on like wild fire for hippie chic! This hairstyle reveals our face with hot beaming smiles with a warm appeal. The fashion woman close-ups’ one side long braid on the left will give you a genuinely affectionate appearance with a graceful look.

Portrait, hairstyle with braids

Cute Hairstyle

This hair braid is a perfect way to lighten up your spirit for a brilliant facial show off and beautiful skin look. The idea is a portrait braided hairstyle that reveals your true natural younger look. The long hair braid finds its way from both sides across the front top of the head to light up your face for a perfect taken portrait. The unbraided part of the hair to the front is parted in the middle and moved sideways to the back for an excellent facial profile.

Blonde model long hair braids

Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

This hairstyle takes your hair appeal to the back view. The braid which is woven stretching front to back is put together at the back of the head meeting the other left braids for a smart wrap up to the back side for a cute look. It gives the impression of your innocent girl with a stint of maturity. This model appearance hairstyle will enhance your fashion statement revealing your cloth look in a grandest of style.

Twisted hairdo long hair braids

Twisted Braids

You can step into the romantic world of twisted hairdo with your long braids hair. This all occasion hairstyle will give you the real confidence you need in your fashion statement to super charge your aesthetic appearance. Whether you are up for a formal event or just casual friends get together, the twisted hairdo is a perfect hair to wear with beaming smiles. You can quickly spice up your look in a matter of seconds and join your friends with fabulous appearance without sacrificing your delicate beauty. This is the hair you want to try if you are bored with those ceremonial hairstyles that take too much of your time in the ever busy lifestyle we lead.

All the above-braided hairstyles for long hair are your little secret for spicing up your every day good look. Whenever you feel it’s time to wear something different and look 10 years younger than your age, choose any of these hairstyles and give yourself a beautiful look you deserve.