Messy Mens Hairstyle

Cool and Trendy Men’s Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles, both men and women look around the fashion industry to get the latest and most popular haircuts. Each year, we look forward for the best hairstyle trend for men as the result of immense creativity and constant experimentation of the best hairdresser’s ad barbers around the world. The cool and trendy men’s hairstyles this year continue with so much diversity and will hold strong throughout the whole year. In hopes to stand out amongst the crowd, here’s a comprehensive guide for the latest men’s hairstyles. This guide is something young men can bring if they want to try something new each time they pay their favorite barbershop a visit.

The Messy Texture

Messy Mens Hairstyle

This messy pomp hairstyle never goes out of style to boost the appearance of thickness. The medium, messy texture looks very natural which makes the hairstyle perfect. The comb over face adds variety which allows you to have styling options while showing off a short texture on the side.

A trendy men’s hairstyle can still be unique and cool without over doing the cut. To maintain the ideal look, you may want to consider using a proper hair product or upkeep with your regular salon appointment.

The Classic Haircut

Classic Men Haircut

Men, young and old, can look wonderful with this cool but classic haircut. In order to achieve this ideal look, the trick is to bring neutral focus to the facial hair and top of the head.

Consider using some styling product to create a dramatic style and spike the top hair upward. This hairstyle shows great styling versatility to create casual look for men.

You may alternate between looks through sweeping the hair towards the longer strands or the side for extra class, casual or left wild appearance. Men with thick and textured hair will look best with this classic hairstyle.

The Comb-Over Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyle

The comb-over hairstyle is sporting the neat boy’s appearance. The great thing about this haircut is it can always look sporty and stylish at the same time. Notice that the fringe has the classic style to complement the eyebrows and features of the model. The details of this comb-over hairstyle are what entirely bring the difference. This hairstyle can work perfectly for medium length, fine hair.

The Top Knot Hairstyle – Man Bun

Man Bun

This hairstyle is on trend and can extremely look sexy especially when there are wispy strands tied in the knot. The top knot hairstyle is basically a variation of man bun that catapulted in popularity since the year 2013.

It basically involves tying the hair into the single bun placed upon the man’s crown area of the head. The hairstyle is very simple and only demands one requirement; it should be medium to long hair length to create the top knot.

This hairstyle can create a variation of semi bun or a full bun. To create a top knot man bun hairstyle, you can use an elastic band or few strands of your long hair. Grab the hair that you want to tie, loop them along themselves then pass on the band or few strands of the hair then finally loop it around the bun to keep your bun neatly in place. Styling a top knot doesn’t sound like a rocket science!