Pixie Cut

Georgeous Short Hairstyles

They say that a woman who cuts her hair short is about to change her life. However, you may wonder why such an act would make you feel brand new. What is it with shorter hair and new beginnings? You may find it hard to part with your terrific tresses especially when you practically wore it forever save the trimming once in a while. However, these gorgeous short hairstyles will make you more excited instead of anxious to chop off inches of your crowning glory and have a fresh perspective in just about anything.

Blonde and Free

Short Hairstyles

Improve your hair’s health with this carefree style. With this fringed pixie, you can scratch off your hair maintenance from your personal expenses list because this style is something that you can wash and wear. You also do not need to worry about those pesky split ends. Health and style meet in this fresh hairstyle and it will definitely make you feel lighter literally and figuratively.

Watch as stress and worries are cut away from your head and you will notice that it will make you look younger and stress-free. This hairstyle is perfect for all ages. If you like hair accessories, you still have a lot of options – head band, bobby pins, and more.

Quick Dry Quick Style

Blonde Lob

This blonde, chin-length bob is perfect if you are always on the go. Being busy should never mean looking dull. After all, there is a big difference between blonde and bland. This hairstyle dries easily so you can choose to style it without waiting for long drying time or you can just wear it and look naturally fresh and beautiful.

This hairstyle looks great in different face shapes but works perfectly for heart-shaped faces. Some of the popular Hollywood actresses who love sporting this hairstyle are Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, and Ali Larter.

No Styling Style

Pixie Cut
This pixie cut is perfect for round face. Contrary to the popular belief that long hair are better if you want to try out different styles, you can also do that with short hair such as this haircut. In addition, styling is even easier and you can even skip styling and let your hair fall freely.

You have different options – blow it dry, use bobby pins for a girly feel, straighten it to make it look sleek, or create some funky spikes among many others.

Glamorous Curls

Look like a Hollywood celebrity with these voluminous curls. This is perfect for you if you have been trying to tame frizz in vain. You can use minimal styling products in order to achieve such beautiful waves. It will make you look like you took time to look great even though you did not. It is an effortless style which still looks gorgeous and elegant.

You will love how low maintenance it is especially if you are always in a hurry and do not have much time for hairstyling. It works great for most face shapes but is best for people with narrow face shapes.

More Short Hairstyles

Short is the new sexy and the best thing about it is that you can style it to look professional, elegant, and sophisticated or to look young, careless, and free.

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