Short Cut Hair

Popular Men’s Hairstyles

Popular Hairstyles for the Guys to Spice Things Up

Men are becoming more experimental in their grooming and in turn breaking out from the norms by establishing their personal style. More men are trying out new hair products and hair styles and finding out new ways to style their hair. It is rare for a man to visit their barber just once a year nowadays. Before the choices were limited when it came to hair styling for men. But now there are so many resources to draw from for any specific look.

You may have long hair or short hair and regardless, there is something for you. You could wear a tousled look, giving the appearance of just having rolled out of bed, or you can sport a precise-form cut. There are men who also prefer cuts that are more feminine and there is something for them too. However, you should be wary of the style you choose regardless of your taste or sense of style; some hairstyles may be unacceptable for situations such as the workplace so consider this fact. Here are some popular hairstyles for men you can opt for.

The Taper Fade

Men's Hairstyles

Fade hairstyles have become very popular among men recently. It is usually done on hair that is shorter in length but now there is a trend that where the fade includes longer hair on the head. The taper fade is one of the most popular hairstyles for men currently. It is a take on the undercut whereby the length of the hair transitions from long to short as opposed to the general disconnect look. It shows versatility through the fact that it can be worn low or high and with or without a beard. The taper fade looks amazing with different hair designs and shaved sections.

The Classic Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

This short faux hawk hairstyle has been going in and out of style for years so you know it has many variations to it. If you are looking for a haircut that you can switch up from time to time, then the faux hawk is a sure bet. The faux hawk can achieve both a casual and formal look depending on how you style it. The sides and the back of are cut close to the head and short while blending into the hair at the top, which is longer. The jagged cutting at the top is aimed at achieving height and texture for the look.

Medium Length Cut With a Wave

Medium Mens Hairstyle

This hair cut is excellent for any guy with fairly thick hair that has a natural wave. This will make it low-maintenance so you will not have to style it on a daily basis. Just ensure you wash it and condition it regularly while applying some curl enhancer on those rainy days.

Elongated Short Cut With Razor Ends

Short Cut Hair

This haircut is shorter in the back and has more length in the front making it more of an outgrown short cut. It takes a bit of maintenance to ensure the look does not come off as sloppy sometimes but either way, if you are looking for a messy do, it can be achieved with this haircut.