Ponytail Braid Tutorial

Step by Step Hair Tutorials for Long and Medium Hair

DIY applies to all things that you have vested interest including your hairdo. Learning to make your hair can be an added advantage when it comes to sustaining your beauty and appearance. This is a must learn for single moms who have to go through the arduous tasks of manning the home front providing for kids and maintaining their social life.

People with long and medium hair can braid their hair in minutes, especially if you have the skill to turn your hair into the style you want. Below are four hair tutorials to make your preferred braid yourself.

Hairstyle braided cascade tutorial

Being a long hair means you will have no trouble holding it and you can manipulate it the way you wanted. Also known as waterfall braids, you need to learn the arts before mastering how to do it with perfection. Here are the steps to making cascade braided hairstyle:

  • From your hairline, pick three strands of hair as you do with French braids
  • Interlock the hair with the closest strand to the top of your finger coming over the middle strand and the bottom strand making its way to the middle section.
  • By this time, the positions of the strands would have changed, now bring the new top strand over the middle and the bottom over the middle as well while the middle strand now goes to the bottom.
  • From near your part, pick a new strand to add to the earlier 3 to make the strands 4. The new strand becomes your top and crosses it over the middle in continuation of your braiding.
  • Bring the down strand over the new section and repeat the above steps. Go all the way to your opposite ear.
  • Behind the opposite ear, make three strands braiding about an inch.
  • The braiding will drop down over your untouched hair in a stylistic manner giving it an incredible look from the back of your head.

Hair Tutorials

Pony tail with braid tutorial

Pony tail hair braid comes in different styles. You can have voluminous, sleek, braided, sided, loop and much more pony tail styles. For this tutorial, we will discuss the voluminous pony tail hairstyle.

Before we start, let’s consider a few things you will need. You need a brush, a hair tie, bobby pin, two hair extensions. We will now proceed to make the voluminous ponytail.

  • Brush your hair as usual and part the hair into top and down sections starting from the front hairline to the back top of the head to reveal the scalp.
  • Place one of the hair extensions on the scalp for the top section in the direction of your hair at the top. It should fit perfectly and brush altogether with your hair backward.
  • For the down section, put your index fingers on both sides of your hairlines about an inch above the ears and part your hair to the back to reveal the scalp for the down hair extension placement.
  • Fix the hair extension on the scalp going upward in the direction of the ponytail.
  • Brush your hair and hold the hair from the back of your head and adjust the ponytail position according to the height you want. Get your rubber hair tie to keep the ponytail in place. Make sure the tie firmly hold your ponytail.
  • Finally, pick a strand of hair and wrap it around your hair at the position of the rubber tie and keep it in place with the bobby pin.
  • Brush you voluminous ponytail and spray some texturizing spray to improve the texture of your hair.

Ponytail Braid Tutorial

Twisted buns hairstyle tutorial

You can create elegant hairstyle from your long hair anytime you want. One of the beautiful hairdos you can braid yourself from your long hair is the twisted buns hairstyle. Follow the tutorial below and give yourself a beautiful hairstyle everyone will adore.

  • Start by brushing your hair in a straight manner
  • From the middle, part your hair into two equal sections
  • In each hand, hold each section pigtail and knot them together, then hold them in place using bobby pins
  • From the knot, you just created, twist the top section first and use the bobby pin to keep it in place when making the twist.
  • Do the same for the down section but do the twisting in the opposite direction of the top section
  • Tuck in the end part of each section hair bunch to hide the tails.
  • Finish your twisted buns with a hairspray of your choice.

Twisted Buns Hairstyle

Braid bun hairstyle tutorial

Depending on what style of braid bun you want, you have about four options to achieve it. In this tutorial, we will discuss the French braid.

  • Start by brushing the hair to the back for a smooth touch
  • Part the hair into top and down sections, and divide the top section into three strands.
  • Hold the top strand on the right and left hands on the right side of the strand divided into two strands.
  • Start braiding by crossing the left strand over the middle section and the right side cross over the new middle section. Make sure to smooth the hair for a perfect braid.
  • After the right strand is crossed over the middle strand, you need to pick a new strand from the down section to make total strands 4. Once done, cross the new right strand over the new middle section and go to the left down section to pick new strand and bring it over the new middle section.
  • Continue to pull more hairs from left and right down section until there is no more hair left to pick.
  • Continue to braid the hair until you make a long tail of braid and tie the braid at the end to secure it. That completes the Braid bun hairstyle the French style.

Braid Bun