Braided Wedding Hair

Which wedding hairstyle should you choose?

Check out these popular looks!

If you are stuck when you think about the idea of your wedding photos in the hairstyle that you should pick, it’s important to remember that hairstyles can be often taken as a trend. Wedding hairstyles in photos often come with their own looks for the upcoming season and you may find many hairstylists and brides wearing their hair just like this in modern wedding photos:

Wedding Hairstyle

The braided style remains an extensive favorite amongst many brides. This detailed braided style produces a beautiful look whether you are blonde or brunette. With braids that can trail down the back of the dress as well as the chance to include the look of jewels or embellishments in the back of the braid, this is a true princess look.

Braided Wedding Hair

The Tiara braid style is a more complicated braid that brings the hair up further off of the neck and shoulder line. Using specialty hair pins and other decorations can create a beautiful look for a wedding day with a braid style which is more elegant and refined. This is an excellent look to pair with a shorter and more modern dress.

Wedding Side Braid

The side braid is another example of an elegant braid style that is seen in many fashion shoots. Rather than the idea of the braid trailing down behind the bride the idea is to push the radio to one side trailing it down the neckline. This is ideal for brides that have quite long hair and it can really help to control the braid under a veil. Paired with a set of longer earrings this is an elegant and timeless look that will really help you to show up the healthy and long hair you have worked so hard for on your wedding day.

Consider each of these top wedding hairstyles if you have longer hair and you want to enjoy wowing your guests and your future partner on your wedding day!